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I make Star Trek...stuff.
I'll never be prolific, but I'll always be varied. So here's an index.

Part 1: Art )

Part 2: Icons )

Part 3: Fic )

You are allowed to use/reuse/remix anything posted here, provided that you:
1) attribute it properly
2) do not profit from it
3) comment and let me see! (I am odiously inquisitive.)

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WHAT WHAT WHAT [ profile] anodyna made me a crack bingo card OF MY VERY OWN

tentacles - friendly
encounter with alternate self
time travel
spontaneous pregnancy
sex pollen
orgy - intoxicated
the gorn
TOS/AOS Crossover AU
anniversary – of one's death
wish-fulfillment planet
"warning: Spock is OOC"
crew turned into animals
wedding – Jim Kirk at reception
mpreg - unplanned
curious alien scientists
avatar sex
tentacles - malevolent
accidentally married
everyone shrinks

THIS IS THE BEST BINGO EVER. I WILL PERV ON it and possibly even make stuff. SOMEDAY. Someday when I can stop cackling long enough to breathe.

That day may be quite a while from now. Anyway. As you were.

(As you were.)
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No, seriously, it is a real thing! Look!

The best part is that is is made by NASA.
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I made chocolate cookies over the weekend. They were good, and also...well. Strangely shaped.

The Numbat )

The Spocktopus )

The Zombie Llama )

In other news, my thesis is blancmange. )
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Oh god, this is going to be worse than Art Deco. In terms of posting every five minutes, I mean! Because, um, I have more to learn? ALSO ENTHUSIASM!

The thing: trying to paint Spock Prime/Gaila in the style of Klimt, for [ profile] anodyna. Which, I have always loved Klimt but I have very limited painting experience and no real training AND NOW [ profile] anodyna IS TEACHING ME TECHNIQUES AND IT IS MIRACULOUS.

Cut for art blather! With added enthusiasm! And Gaila! )

What do you mean, I should be writing my literature paper. Hrmph.
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[ profile] anodyna's and [ profile] soixante_quinze's exquisite and cleanly drawn AU fic Glitter, in which our intrepid crew have left Starfleet to run a club of sex and, yes, glitter, until Spock Prime arrives and re-puts the stars in everybody's eyes.

(Also it has Spock as a DJ. Shirtless. And colors to knock the breath out of you. AND SPOCK PRIME! AND GAILA!)

((P.S. Spot the tentacle-mention!))
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Current Status: Orders closed, prints shipped!

What this is: )

How it works: )

How to get one: )

Dates & Deadlines: )

Thank you!
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Dear [ profile] anodyna,
I am sorry.
I do not think this is quite what you had in mind.
Please do not worry, I have no intention of becoming a pastry chef, EVER.
So Spock Prime is safe.


And in conclusion, I had blancmange for dinner.


Apr. 18th, 2010 02:39 pm
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[ profile] bendtothesun made me a vidlet! And it's awesome & beautiful & I'll cherish it forever.

"Violence", Kirk/Cupcake.

Vidding is a thing I have NO IDEA how to do, and so I'm always amazed when people make such cool things. It's like magic. Magic with cupcakes.


Apr. 10th, 2010 06:27 pm
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Today [ profile] melithiel and I made cupcakes. They did not have bacon, but they did have rainbows.

rainbows and cupcake-love! )

I still think there should be bacon.
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Hi friendslist! How are you? You've been kind of awesome. Thank you for the books and the random conversations and the WIP-viewing and just everything.

I don't have anything really exciting for you in return, but this is what I've been giggling over all week. Maybe you'll find it amusing too.

Real life story. Twelve-year-old mentality required. )

Also, I was going through my old lab books and found this drawing of a radio telescope. That experiment had some long calibration procedure we had to sit through, which is why I was drawing it, I guess. Anyway. It needed more Spock.

I'd totally curl up in a radio dish with him. )
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Title: Art Deco Spock/Uhura
Pairing: Spock/Uhura
Rating: PG at most, for a clingy dress
Disclaimer: I like them very much, but they are not the hell my whales.
Notes: Created at the request of [ profile] sesh_khem, as part of Prompt-a-Mod Day at [ profile] st_respect. Referenced to photographs and to the paintings of Tamara de Lempicka.
Apologies: To my friendslist people, for subjecting them to a new post with this thing just about every time I made a new brushstroke. And to art historians, for potential artistic inaccuracies, because dammit Jim I'm an astronomer.
Eight Billion Thanks: To [ profile] anodyna, for inestimable wisdom and invaluable artistic eyeballs. And brains (not BRAAAINS, just brains).


Here! )
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Trying to make art-deco style Spock & Uhura for a Ship Wars requesting-person.

I cannot figure out what color for U's dress. Would it be weird to just ask the random requesting-person, whom I don't actually know, for an opinion on a WIP?

Meanwhile I'll ask you people. Thing looks like this:

Large Pictures )

In related news:
1. Zoe Saldana has my sister's nose!
2. And now this Uhura has my other sister's hairstyle.
3. I'm a little disturbed. HI MY SISTERS.
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It went like this:

1. [ profile] mrasaki had a mustachioed Sulu.
2. [ profile] eerie_descent had a mustachioed Bones.
3. ...??!?

In case any of you need more mustaches in your Star Trek life?









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So when I signed up for Prompt-A-Mod day at Ship Wars, one of the options under "medium" was underwater basketweaving. Then somebody requested Rand/Chapel, "any medium", and um I couldn't resist.

This is only basket I know how to weave, based on those paper heart valentine things you make in grade school. It's "underwater" because I used watercolor paint, GET IT?


Not entirely SFW because there's clearly some gropery going on.


Basketry! )
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Title: Know Thyself
Author: [ profile] lymanalpha
Pairing: Spock/SpockPrime. Mentions of Spock/Jim/Bones.
Rating: R/NC-17
Warnings: READ THE PAIRING. Also, more Sad Vulcans.
Disclaimer: I do not own either Spock, or the worlds they live in.
Words: 1120
Summary: From the prompt-a-mod thing at Ship Wars. The prompt was for Pon Farr, with them stuck in a someplace, but I dunno, this is what came out instead? Sorry. I'm still playing with it. It's getting better.

You DID read the pairing? )
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Title: Stability Against Convection
Author: lymanalpha
Pairing: Spock/SpockPrime
Rating: Uh. PG for actual goings on, but R for possibly incest?
Warnings: Read the pairing! Nothing explicit, though.
Disclaimer: I don't own either Spock.
Summary: A sketch thing. Made it a while ago and was originally going to translate it to some physical medium or other but I very much suspect I won't get around to it, and I kind of like it as it is.

There's a story thing that goes with it. That will come later. Soon.

Vulcans! )


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