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Oh god, this is going to be worse than Art Deco. In terms of posting every five minutes, I mean! Because, um, I have more to learn? ALSO ENTHUSIASM!

The thing: trying to paint Spock Prime/Gaila in the style of Klimt, for [ profile] anodyna. Which, I have always loved Klimt but I have very limited painting experience and no real training AND NOW [ profile] anodyna IS TEACHING ME TECHNIQUES AND IT IS MIRACULOUS.

Cut for art blather! With added enthusiasm! And Gaila! )

What do you mean, I should be writing my literature paper. Hrmph.
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Hi friendslist! How are you? You've been kind of awesome. Thank you for the books and the random conversations and the WIP-viewing and just everything.

I don't have anything really exciting for you in return, but this is what I've been giggling over all week. Maybe you'll find it amusing too.

Real life story. Twelve-year-old mentality required. )

Also, I was going through my old lab books and found this drawing of a radio telescope. That experiment had some long calibration procedure we had to sit through, which is why I was drawing it, I guess. Anyway. It needed more Spock.

I'd totally curl up in a radio dish with him. )
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Title: Art Deco Spock/Uhura
Pairing: Spock/Uhura
Rating: PG at most, for a clingy dress
Disclaimer: I like them very much, but they are not the hell my whales.
Notes: Created at the request of [ profile] sesh_khem, as part of Prompt-a-Mod Day at [ profile] st_respect. Referenced to photographs and to the paintings of Tamara de Lempicka.
Apologies: To my friendslist people, for subjecting them to a new post with this thing just about every time I made a new brushstroke. And to art historians, for potential artistic inaccuracies, because dammit Jim I'm an astronomer.
Eight Billion Thanks: To [ profile] anodyna, for inestimable wisdom and invaluable artistic eyeballs. And brains (not BRAAAINS, just brains).


Here! )
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So when I signed up for Prompt-A-Mod day at Ship Wars, one of the options under "medium" was underwater basketweaving. Then somebody requested Rand/Chapel, "any medium", and um I couldn't resist.

This is only basket I know how to weave, based on those paper heart valentine things you make in grade school. It's "underwater" because I used watercolor paint, GET IT?


Not entirely SFW because there's clearly some gropery going on.


Basketry! )
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Title: Stability Against Convection
Author: lymanalpha
Pairing: Spock/SpockPrime
Rating: Uh. PG for actual goings on, but R for possibly incest?
Warnings: Read the pairing! Nothing explicit, though.
Disclaimer: I don't own either Spock.
Summary: A sketch thing. Made it a while ago and was originally going to translate it to some physical medium or other but I very much suspect I won't get around to it, and I kind of like it as it is.

There's a story thing that goes with it. That will come later. Soon.

Vulcans! )
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So. The current Ship Wars prompt is porn. PORNZ. Which I cannot write to save my life (I tried, I did, and yeah that was weird and now I want Spock/Pike, but that's another story).

Then I started thinking about IDIC - Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations - which seems to me a) potentially porny, and b) a damn good philosophy.

And [ profile] melithiel said I should do strange alien porn.

The upshot of all this is that I'm in the middle of making strange alien porn out of clay. Eventually, I'd like to get some nice photographs of these clay things with IDIC somewhere on them. There's no purpose to this, other than my own amusement, but. BUT. Here's where you come in, dear friends: I'm stuck. I need, for lack of a better word, art-betas. I've been putting some of this on [ profile] team_crackship but figured I'd alternate here and there to avoid spamming.

These are works in progress. What I'm looking for, from you, is feedback both general & specific. General, as in, are they porny, do they work, is there anything off about them. Specific, as in, some of them have particular questions.

Blanket warning: this is PORN and therefore NSFW. It has clay people with BITS and also things that are STRANGE. But I hope it's, well, pretty, for porn.


IDIC #1: Tentacle Guy
Medium: water-based red clay, oil-based white clay
Status: closest to being finished. The clay's still wet and can be played with.

Tentacley )

IDIC #2: Andorian/MaybeRomulan
Medium: red & white water-based clay
Status: Mid-modeling. Having some issues.

Because I LIKE Andorians. )

IDIC #3: Flowerpants
Medium: white water-based clay
Status: Chillin.

She's called flowerpants because she she doesn't have..pants. )

IDIC #4: I don't even know.

Still brainstorming, mostly. )

So that's all I have. Any suggestions or ideas or comments are welcome.
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Title: Stop! Logic Time
Author: [ profile] lymanalpha
Pairing: None. SpockPrime and Sarek.
Rating: G
Warnings: Ridiculous!
Disclaimer: I like them very much, but they are not the hell my whales.
Summary: [ profile] temporalranger has an icon with an asymptotic function and "CAN'T TOUCH THIS" on it. You know who likes math jokes? Spock.

Also I secretly <3 MC Hammer. )
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So here's the story: [ profile] st_respect is hosting a Ship Wars. I joined the illustrious and bizarre Team Crackship and suddenly became productive, which was unexpected but sort of awesome. I like having my stuff archived somewhere, so I'll be posting old Crackship stuff here once its round is over.

Strange arts first.

Possibly NSFW. Also image-heavy. And seriously WEIRD. )
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My apartment is overrun with little clay people. Little Spock and Bones are sprawled on my couch with half of little Cupcake and clay-Jim-head is trying to kiss clay-Spock-head and little-sitting-Bones' arm is falling off for the tenth time.

And on top of all that there are imaginary damn starship captains. I don't even particularly like Kirk, but - "Jim," I groan, "what do you want?"

Just a portrait painted straight from a photo. Nothing more explicit than a blinding smile & bright colors. )
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"Dammit, kid", says Bones.

"Dammit, Bones", says me.

Provocative sensor-licking. )
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An illustration for [ profile] northatlantic's One of Many Pictures , in which there is a Men of the Enterprise calendar. Spock's month is "some sort of classical art pose with a laurel wreath on his head" and the image wouldn't leave mine, so here he is. The pose is Apollo Belvedere .

He's in, um, a lab. With a tall window/viewscreen. It is a wiggly window because straight lines and my paintbrush don't get along very well.

Sorry about the quality - I don't have a scanner.


NSFW for reasons of naked Spock )

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Title: The Less-Giant Post of Spock-In-Silly-Outfits
Character: guess.
Rating: G
Summary: Tutu! and Cheerleader!Spock.

Nothing worse than...a little tulle? )
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Title: The Giant Post of Spock/Science
Character: SPOCK.
Warnings: Some nudity.
Summary: Spock/Graphs, Spock/Telescopes, Spock/Errorbars...

Warnings: Some Nudity )


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