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Trying to make art-deco style Spock & Uhura for a Ship Wars requesting-person.

I cannot figure out what color for U's dress. Would it be weird to just ask the random requesting-person, whom I don't actually know, for an opinion on a WIP?

Meanwhile I'll ask you people. Thing looks like this:

Large Pictures )

In related news:
1. Zoe Saldana has my sister's nose!
2. And now this Uhura has my other sister's hairstyle.
3. I'm a little disturbed. HI MY SISTERS.
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So. The current Ship Wars prompt is porn. PORNZ. Which I cannot write to save my life (I tried, I did, and yeah that was weird and now I want Spock/Pike, but that's another story).

Then I started thinking about IDIC - Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations - which seems to me a) potentially porny, and b) a damn good philosophy.

And [ profile] melithiel said I should do strange alien porn.

The upshot of all this is that I'm in the middle of making strange alien porn out of clay. Eventually, I'd like to get some nice photographs of these clay things with IDIC somewhere on them. There's no purpose to this, other than my own amusement, but. BUT. Here's where you come in, dear friends: I'm stuck. I need, for lack of a better word, art-betas. I've been putting some of this on [ profile] team_crackship but figured I'd alternate here and there to avoid spamming.

These are works in progress. What I'm looking for, from you, is feedback both general & specific. General, as in, are they porny, do they work, is there anything off about them. Specific, as in, some of them have particular questions.

Blanket warning: this is PORN and therefore NSFW. It has clay people with BITS and also things that are STRANGE. But I hope it's, well, pretty, for porn.


IDIC #1: Tentacle Guy
Medium: water-based red clay, oil-based white clay
Status: closest to being finished. The clay's still wet and can be played with.

Tentacley )

IDIC #2: Andorian/MaybeRomulan
Medium: red & white water-based clay
Status: Mid-modeling. Having some issues.

Because I LIKE Andorians. )

IDIC #3: Flowerpants
Medium: white water-based clay
Status: Chillin.

She's called flowerpants because she she doesn't have..pants. )

IDIC #4: I don't even know.

Still brainstorming, mostly. )

So that's all I have. Any suggestions or ideas or comments are welcome.


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