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Hi friendslist! How are you? You've been kind of awesome. Thank you for the books and the random conversations and the WIP-viewing and just everything.

I don't have anything really exciting for you in return, but this is what I've been giggling over all week. Maybe you'll find it amusing too.

Real life story. Twelve-year-old mentality required. )

Also, I was going through my old lab books and found this drawing of a radio telescope. That experiment had some long calibration procedure we had to sit through, which is why I was drawing it, I guess. Anyway. It needed more Spock.

I'd totally curl up in a radio dish with him. )
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One of my classes this term is on presenting science to the public. Problem is, I'm a scientist, and most of my real-life friends are scientists, and I'm not always sure whether what I'm writing makes sense for non-scientists. So. Any of you want to read over a non-fic piece for me?

750 words: How To Find Life in Outer Space (Without Leaving Earth). Spock will almost certainly be mentioned (snerk). Looking for thoughts on content (is it interesting? does it make sense? anything confusing?), coherence (awkward transitions, logic not clear), and tone. I'll have a draft possibly tonight tomorrow; final thing's due on Friday Sunday.
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*Or binoculars.

I walked outside yesterday evening and looked up at the sky and HEY! Orion smacked me in the face.

Not literally. But. You know what's in the sky near Orion? The constellation Eridanus. And in Eridanus is an unassuming dwarf star called 40 Eridani - 40 Eri for short, sometimes Keid - and this star is, as far as I know, the best guess for Vulcan's sun.

I think this is IMPORTANT TO FANDOM, yes. I'm pretty sure you all NEED this information, even if you haven't realized it yet. So, here, with pictures: How to find Vulcan's sun in the sky using only your eyeballs - and how to see it with binoculars, if you live in a city.

Astronomer explosion! )


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