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I make Star Trek...stuff.
I'll never be prolific, but I'll always be varied. So here's an index.

Part 1: Art

Title: Art Deco Spock/Uhura
Characters: Um, Spock/Uhura
Rating: PG-13 at most, for a clingy dress
Notes: In the style of Tamara de Lempicka.


Title: Stability Against Convection
Characters:Spock/Spock Prime
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A sketch. If I have anything resembling an OTP, I guess it's this one. Just hugs, nothing explicit.


Title: Belvedere Spock
Character: Spock
Rating: R for nudity


Title: Diskobolos Spock
Character: Spock again
Rating: R for nudity


Title: Bones With Sensor
Character: Bones
Rating: PG for...provocative licking of medical equipment?


Title: I'm So Pretty
Character: Jim
Rating: G
Notes: Just a portrait from a photo.


Title: Cupcake!
Character: Cupcake!
Rating: PG-13/R? for nudity
Notes: Cupcake!


Title: Creosote
Character: Spock
Rating: G
Notes: Another portrait. This is about when I got pissed off at watercolors.


Title: Stop! Logic Time.
Characters: Spock Prime & Sarek (gen)
Rating: G
Warnings: Terminally silly. Bad math jokes. For a battle post at Ship Wars. I think the prompt was...hugging?


Title: The Giant Post of Spock/Science
Character: SPOCK.
Warnings: Some nudity.
Summary: Spock/Graphs, Spock/Telescopes, Spock/Errorbars...


Title: The Less-Giant Post of Spock-In-Silly-Outfits
Character: guess.
Rating: G.
Summary: Tutu! and Cheerleader!Spock.


Title: Basketweaving!
Characters: Rand/Chapel
Rating: R to be safe...there's clearly some gropery going on.
Summary: Ship Wars had a prompting round, and one of the available options for "medium" was basketweaving, and...yeah.


Part 2: Icons

Title:Minor Character Icons
Characters: Cupcake, Madeline, maybe-Chapel, Robau, Scotty, Kelvin-medic, Vulcan-girl


Title: Kirk/Aliens Icons
Characters: Kirk/Gorn, Unicorn-dog, Android, Tribbles


Title: Tribble Icons
Characters: Tribbles. That weird cat-creature. Spock.


Title: Evil!Icons
Characters: Pike, Robau, Keenser, Gaila, Bar-alien, Kirk, Narada, cat-creature, Simon Pegg

Part 3: Fic

Title: Engineering Parlance
Pairing: Scotty/Starships
Rating: G
Words: 997
Summary: Written for the prompt "First Date" at Ship Wars. The pairing sounds cracky but this isn't, really.

"He saw his first starship when he was ten."


Title: Braintrust
Pairing: Pike/Enterprise/BRAAAINS
Rating: R for language; PG for content
Warnings: Character undeath?
Words: 1007
Summary: The one where that slug-thing turns Pike into a goddamn zombie. Written for the prompt "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone" at Ship Wars.

"As it turns out, zombies are for real."



Title: Bonus-round ficlets
Pairings: Bones/Hypo, Jim/Jim/Jim/Jim, Jim/Gorn, Unrequited Keenser/Pike, zombie!Pike/Brains
Ratings: R for language
Words: 100-300 apiece
Summary: Tiny cracky things, for the prompt "hangover" at Ship Wars.

AAGH, says Bones.


Title: Planetary commentfic
Pairing: Saturn(planet)/Titan(moon)/Enterprise(starship)
Rating: PG-13?
Words: 400?
Summary: Yes, it's about planets. As planets. With a ship. Based on the scene from the movie when the Enterprise emerges from Titan's clouds.

Life's pretty quiet out here.

You are allowed to use/reuse/remix anything posted here, provided that you:
1) attribute it properly
2) do not profit from it
3) comment and let me see! (I am odiously inquisitive.)


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