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1. Today I am a quarter-century old.

This is important because it's movie-Kirk's age when he gets the Enterprise. I fully expect that the universe will present me with my own starship sometime in the next year, and so, in preparation, I made myself a suitable birthday cake. It is the Shortcake Captain's Chair of Awesome With Pink Sprinkles.

It is kind of a lot of cake for one person to eat, but I did not finish it in time to foist upon my hapless friends. Alas.

Also the candle is bright pink. In case you were wondering.

The truer story is that I have no desire to be captain of anything, ever. But I wouldn't mind the chair.

2. Today I saw this on a crosswalk stripe in Porter Square. OCTOPUS I LOVE YOU!

3. My thesis project involves work in an optics lab, doing opticky stuff. There's a company called Thorlabs that sells useful opticky things like lenses and lasers and frames to hold them in. We ordered a part from them -- a little one-inch circular part, in a two-inch square case, that came packaged in a way-too-large 6-inch rectangular cardboard box. Which, they apparently needed the extra room to send me AN ENTIRE LUNCH SACK FULL OF SNACKS. Like, chips and granola bars and trail mix, SNACKS.

Also, I am convinced the creature is a Gorn.

We ordered some more stuff from them yesterday. I am REALLY EXCITED about what kind of snacks they'll send me. I mean, I am also excited about the lenses we ordered, but -- GORN! SNACKS!
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